Paroles de la chanson Out of Range par Swollen Members

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Paroles de la chanson Out of Range par Swollen Members

I choke him with strings of show and the carnival is open
We just finished stringing the cardinal from the ropes
And the poles and the hooks of the tent
To sound crash and packed intense dents from materials dense
My serial complex does adjust in itself
It morphs and it melts and it sways and it tilts
And it's built of the techy type prototype
With a savaged defaulty radar gun and headlight
When midnight strikes all these mad men might strike
Hammerside swipes and box you in with pipes

Deformed monstrosity that exists to kill
Whispers of a mind gone mad with twisted skill
A sinful dwarf with even more sinister servants
You're dealing with a highly intelligent life of on mental servant
In this carnival of souls, spine tingling pulse pounding
Feast with jungle beast that adapt to their surroundings
Battle fields are washed with blood corpses and era
I'm your host wizard of gore and terror
Erotic and brutal visions of unspeakable horror
You're driving off a cliff in a black tinted exlplorer
Wishmaster [echoes] poets are angelic elegance
Spirit warrior soldiering through unknown terrain
With nondelegate slanted planted my flag now I'm relevant
Crimes of inspiration passion will surely flourish
Cherish the purely nourish or perish from hurling courage
Beware of the swirling current of blood curling determent
Once again I'm left stranded amongst thieves and masked bandits abandon
Rapidly rattling off at the amount at random
The last desperate attempt to sore with raging angels
A frightening excursion of my ultimate fantasy

Lets raise the bounty on the county jester
And raise the level on the fair ground walkers and the skies of a leopard
On the quest for shield depress is fought in shallow waters
And the worlds lightest vehicles float on scalps honors
And bombers occupy a much calmer reply
In a steal lidded sky that growls like octopi
My optical relys on what lies and what truths
I produced unwritten ink stamps from here to baru
They shoot anything that moves and be blast on more pints
As the parliament parlays amongst tories and socreds
That the ocean floor so ripped from the expansion of land mass
It runs double when shores are melted and the pleaded 'all grasp
My life task completes a path word to those who will mask
To survive the late coming and arrival of the craft
As the murder of crewels flow south like dark quilts
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