Paroles de la chanson G65 par Stogie T

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Paroles de la chanson G65 par Stogie T

Round the time my boy Gola bought the Benzo
I regret I had a fallout with my kenfolk
He was dead broke tryna get his debts closed
Most days he would chill and light a menthol
Scheming how to get dough like tenfold
Asked me for a loan, I said hell no
Now he's trashing me when I'm gone
But still I send home

My dude Bradley got the AMG
Around the time I was fighting with my favourite sis
She a step so there's less connect
Cause the contents of the blood don't match what we got in mind

That's some shit
But we look just like the old man
How we shook but never hold hands
Know what it took for that slow dance
On my wedding day I read her face, it said atonement
It said atonement
Damn, what a moment

My homie Tibs came through in a C200
Most of my team couldn't even see 200
Grimy as fuck
Working our way through puddles
But never going back
Our motto is new troubles
New problems
Success calls for due process
Not a racist

All my lawyers are Jews, honest
They got rabies
See a problem, they chew on it
So don't be lying (Lion) to my dogs like Snoop, doggy

Sizwe Dhlomo said he paid half a milli
Round the time my nephew was afraid to bust a wheelie
Just got off the tricycle what a sissy
Pops calling him fag would really touch his feelings
So he covers for it
By being a careless boy
Harsh and hard-hearted just to get his pops' "attaboy"
You can't tell him a thing unless you add the rod
Don't spoil the child like he's coming out hard boiled

Paid the grip for my wife's whip, nice shit
No credit
Indebted to my mom's niceness
About time I buy a round ticket outing
Sunday A class to the Himalayas mountains
To the Himalayas mountains

A Benz is to me just a car
But that G wagon represents my dreams of tomorrow
Don't wanna breathe up no smoke
Don't wanna feed off no hugs
Don't wanna be Aaliyah, B.I.G or Silk
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