Paroles de la chanson Exposing Me Part II par Eli Fross

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Paroles de la chanson Exposing Me Part II par Eli Fross

(It's Great John beats baby)
Look (Great John on the beat, by the way)

I hope that you niggas realize that, my niggas put in pain
I hope that you really realize linking with the opps won't change a thing (Boom, boom)
Pull up on 'em strapped up like a dyke, you won't catch me fightin' with these pussies (Nah, nah, nah)
Niggas actin' hard, you ain't thinking right, niggas know inside you a cushion (Pussy!)
Niggas lying, cappin' in they raps
Big ape talking on the track (Layo!)
Like, you ain't with the getting back
Just gang up, you know that's a fact (Right)
Right, why the fuck you got a strap?
My gang here, lotta yas collapsed, huh (Huh?)
And my members movin' tact'
Try to pop out, you getting wacked
We'll stalk the block, may big trappin', moving like a school bus (Woo, woo)
Big Moncler coat, cost a couplе bands, and my pockets tooled up (Hah, bitch, body!)
Bad bitch on the right, gun on thе left, know a nigga booed up (Glah glah glah)
Talkin' tough out ya mouth, tryna do the gang, you'll get your crew cut, like (Boom, boom)
Niggas say, "Soon be your time"
See me, I'm speeding up the clock
Fuckin' with them niggas, duckin' with them niggas, best believe that ass getting shot
Niggas tryna mention me? These pussy niggas tryna get to the top (Hahaha)
Only top you seein' nigga if you mention me is the gates in the sky
What's up with the 26 shit? I carry 'bout two, six clips
I make you a 26 spliff, for jackin' that 26 shit, like
Ya mans died, you ain't get back, on some 26 shit, huh
Put two holes in his six pack, now 26's shit (Pussy)

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