Paroles de la chanson Pausé par Tonha

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Paroles de la chanson Pausé par Tonha

I used to punch all these niggas, now I'm punching lines
I used to tell myself that everything is fine
Sometimes the choices that you make can fuck you up
Sometimes these things are meant to be to build you up

2 girl, I've been loosing
Married to this game, sacrifice, including women
Girl, you got to understand, the nigga is ruthless

I was the fourth to performing

Killing Coast 2 Coast in Paris like I wanted
I've been cutting all theses haters head with my mic, got them all dead
Yeah I got them all dead yeah

6 years, I've been grinding
People try to sleep on me, you like it? This is my shit

3 bitches, 3 lives, 3 languages in my mind
If you can't handle being a boss, man you get reassigned

I'm feeling like now, I can see these snakes
Never here to support so all these niggas are fake

I make
You hate
I've just reached a new gate
That's why I relate

I know that it takes so much time if I wanna be great

I got God on my side, so I ain't got nothing to worry about
You claim to be dangerous but you don't know what are you talking about

Looking for my future, all I see is money
It's all about nurture, all my niggas eating
Talk about vacations, all my niggas grinding

Fool !! Fool !! Wake up Fool !! Fool !!

Purple liquid in my cup, I getting purple like Stitch
I rap in 3 languages, sometimes I need to switch
Falo Portugues, Ingles, Frances, t'inquiete pas
They always ask about my name, it's from my grandpa

I recommend all my brothers and sis to keep it straight
Cause being black in this world it's like being neglected
You think that you can trust them cause they smile at you but when you talk about support they're playing peek a boo

My head is full of ideas that could make somebody act a fool

But the self-discipline got me mournful
If you owe me and you're my homie
I will speak French with you, I will be frank with you
Tu va mal dormir, je dit ca, je dit rien
Je vais monter un empire, j'avancerais sans freins dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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