Paroles de la chanson Dentada par Tonha

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Paroles de la chanson Dentada par Tonha

J'suis désolé negro j'ai pas ton temps
Et je m'en bas les couilles si t'es pas content
Le temps c'est de la monnaie, il me faut de l'argent
Poto jvais ce-per dans pas longtemps

I change the language whenever I want
I start in french now they know I'm the one
I'm walking like a king, cause I'm the one
Theses niggas really wanna see me fall

It's ok I know, but I got angels on my back, my bro, yeah I got angels on my back my bro
I'm way too complex for your lexical
I mix the verse and keep the status quo

We still the same
Ain't nobody changed
My girl is so peng
Your girl is a shame
You're playing games, capping on a gold chain
That shit is fugazi now you're nigga lame

When cops pull up on me I stay in my lane
I don't understand why they think it's a game
It's looking like killing black people is the aim
They shooting some innocent people every day

Fuck all this racist white supremacy
Your mama is a milf she wants that BBC

I'm walking like Jesus, I walk in between
I'm way too anointed I walk I don't swim

I bet you can handle this wave overseas
I'm fresher than you that's why you niggas sneeze
That's only for God if I stay on my knees
Your girl is a thot she've been suckin for G's

Fuck what these niggas been talking cause I don't really give a fuck no no no
They talkin they talkin they talkin but while they be talking my nigga I've been cashing bro

From my room to the world, I've been struggling now she wanna be my girl cause I'm cashing in wow

She snorting that Ritalin cause she want coke but I don't really fuck with this type of hoe

The more you be working the more they be loving and hating on you, wishing death like it's normal

Remember that day I've been jumped by 10 goons and next day won a medal, like that shit is normal

No, you can't stop me, I won't going back, working hard for that check cause I came from the struggle

Flipping the pack, got a 10 from a 20 I'm making some moves then I'm making the double

Fuck what you talk I don't care I'm too lit, I've been killing this beat on some murderer shit

She sent me nudes, yeah she wants that dick, she came to my crib and I play with her clit

She like when it's raw she doesn't want a condom

She's crossing her legs cause she wanted my kid

I came from the bottom, so I'm working harder, gotta show to my papa, that I'm not a kid

You're sounding like any other fuckin rapper, cannot do it proper, but you say that you lead

You're copying the flow, the style, the beat, the rhymes, the lines but never do shit

I'm choking the beat, I'm beating the beat, I'm slapping that bitch, I look undefeated

She beating my meat, she says she a freak, She's smoking a stick and get back on my dick

My boy you should quit, If u tryna stop me

Hater don't eat, cause theses hater ´ve been talkin

Wolf in that sheep, theses bitches be loving
Higher than you motherfucka I'm above you

I fly in the sky like I'm Peter Pan, I'm high as hell, in Disneyland, in Wonderland, another land with Action Man I'm gonna land

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