Paroles de la chanson Free Baby Grizz, Pt. 3 par Tee Grizzley

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Paroles de la chanson Free Baby Grizz, Pt. 3 par Tee Grizzley

[Baby Grizz]
I ain't playin', nigga
I ain't playin', nigga (Yeah)
(Oh yeah, I'm finna make a banger with this one)
Look at my watch, look at my wrist
Not like your man, he ain't shinin' like this (No cap, nigga)
Not like your man, he ain't grindin' like this (For real though)
And even if he was, he know I'm a Blood (DJ on the beat, so it's a banger)

[Baby Grizz]
Ayy, if a bitch say some opp shit to me, I'm offin' her (What?)
Stuck around when she see my chain, I ain't hoggin' her (She know it)
Make her shake somethin' when I eat it, call it doggin'
Niggas ain't fuckin' with me like they good parole officers (Soft as hell)
Oh, that bitch ain't know I was that nigga? Nigga, her fault (Bitch, that's her fault)
Hundred Sigs in the hood, boy, my turf bought (I bought it all)
Spent a bag on my shoes just to earth walk (Gang)
'Bout to race twin 'Cats 'til the tires burn off (Skrrt)
Heavyweight, you ain't gon' catch me on no light shit (Heavyweight)
So much jewelry on, I don't need the lights, bitch (Bitch)
Mona Lisa, drape that bitch in gold, pussy priceless (Ayy)
Baby Grizz, five hundred on the ice kit, bitch
Bitch, you knew I was that nigga, nigga, beat it (Beat it)
Thirty ball, I need it
Know I got the cheese in
Fifty top, bottom icy, mouth like I'm teethin' (Ice)
Say she with it, put it on the set, on the B's then (On the set)

[Baby Grizz]
Ayy (Blah), ayy (Blah), slugs in his wig
Ayy (Blah), ayy (Blah), slugs in the Sig
Plug with the bitch, get drugged with a Sig
Thuggin' again, they know Bloods in the mid
Ayy (Blah), ayy (Blah), thug with a Sig
Ayy (Blah), ayy (Blah), drug with a Sig
Thuggin' again, Bloods in the mid (Boom, boom, boom)
Ayy, ayy, them Bloods in the mid

[Baby Grizz]
Bitch, I'm that nigga, nigga
That nigga, nigga
I ain't feelin' niggas (Ayy)
I get rid of niggas
Love my villain niggas (Love my villain niggas)
Pull up killin' killers
Four hundred for my nigga Pilla, bitch, I been a hitter (Love my dawg)
I'm heavy hearted, I can't let these bitches play with me (Ayy, I can't)
I'm uppin' it, ain't really shit you can say to me (Ayy, you can't)
Just bought a Benz just to get that boy to A to B (Skrtt)
Lil' baby fell to her knees, told her, "Pray to me" (Pray to me)
Hit the Bentley dealership, told 'em, "Takin' me" (Takin' me)
I can show you how to double up, bake a ki' (Bake a ki')
This lil' shit these niggas talkin' really make believe (Oh, they lyin')
Just hit a bad bitch, she modelin' for Maybelline
Back like I never left the streets (Ayy)
Pushin' Maybach with my name on the seats (Ayy)
Still in the field, Grizz gang on my cleats (Yeah, yeah)
All the competition bold or ain't even in my reach (They gone)
All my forty niggas hold it down, huh? (Forty, forty)
Everything five hundred 'til they drown, huh? (Forty, forty)
Hoes like, "You came home to a pile, huh?" (Yeah)
You think I don't know that's why you stayed around, huh? (Yeah)
Ayy, I used to call hoes like, "Baby, send me some flicks" (Come on)
Now I'm on my money phone talkin' to a tick (Come on)
Now it's double F, double G's on my fit (Come on)
Now it's double, uh, shoot, Scottie Hottie Pipp' (Come on)

[Baby Grizz]
Ayy (Blah), ayy (Blah), yeah, thugs in the mid
Ayy (Blah), ayy (Blah), plugged with a Sig
Drug with the bitch, plugged with a Sig
Thuggin' again, bloods in the mid
Ayy (Blah), ayy (Blah), thuggin' again
Ayy (Blah), ayy (Blah), bloods in the mid
Pluggin' again, drugged with a Sig
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