Paroles de la chanson What! par Soft Cell

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Paroles de la chanson What! par Soft Cell

I'm lost again and I'm on the run
Looking for love in a sad song.
With your avenger eyes and your catlike ways
I can hold you.
You are a fool for me to be cruel.
I'm leaning on this bar listening to you sing
And your sad song rings in my ears and I start to cry.
He's searching
she's showing

See him heZd in a deep
deep spell he knows she's glowing.
I can find within my mind a way to go

I can look deep into your light and shout

Hold me
hold me
hold me
hold me
hold me.
I hear the saxophone and it tears my soul
And we're feeling old
feeling so cold

She is the torch and she is the theme

She could be a dream but - oh boy - is she real.
Try to avoid her eyes
to avoid her words

They will hit you with all that you feel.
He's searching
she's showing

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