Paroles de la chanson Sound Bwoy Bureill par Smif-n-Wessun

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Paroles de la chanson Sound Bwoy Bureill par Smif-n-Wessun

[Top Dog]
Boom bye bye in a batty bwoy head
The shottie fly now the batty guy lie dead
Two shots dead to him chin
Enemy or friend, fake the funk I put the junk to an end
Now who the rude bwoy want come test Dog
I find his family to I.D. him in the morgue
I bet you never thought I bust lead
Surprise I'm a fortified blunt head just like a dread

You can't test the champion sound, you getting bucked down
Recognize the Boot Camp Clik outta Bucktown

Gun thirsty little bastard, always blasted
From the sacks of chocolate off Mother Gaston
You say you number one wicked selector
I say you punnany and I'll wet ya
Keep the bull 'fore I pull this here trigger
Cause you don't wanna test me when I'm tipsy off the liquor
Like the punk they called McGirt, got his feelings hurt
Showed his true colors had to yank up his skirt
Now he's in misery, trying to cop a plea
Lead to him head from Gunn Clappa Numba Three, see
Lick off a shot you no dick rider
Lick a shot punnany not gunfire

Now everybody wanna be Don Gorgon

All around New York niggas be talking but we be stalking
In the dark's when the guns start barking
But in the day be wary of where you be walking

[Sound bwoy dialogue]

Me nah sex me rough like the wicked youth in me
That motherfucker that be bugging off of truth we see
Original criminal running town
Crime pays, that's what I practise so act if
You want get blasted by my nine shot
Come around my block, find a nice spot in the pine box
Murderer, batty bwoy killer
Colin Powell feeler, we 'bout to get iller

Sound bwoy, you got nuff reason to worry
Coming with my troops, we about to bury
Better pack your dubs and move in a hurry
Ease off, seen
Looking at my pager it's about that time
To load up the nine and do my daily crime
Warriors, conquerors, the man before ya
Mr Ripper aka the enemy killer
My man with the weed is my man indeed
And all you sucky-ducky niggas catch knots with speed

[Sound bwoy dialogue]

Lord some bwoy gwan get dead tonight, duke

As I retrieve to .25 from my Timb boots
Target pon sight, trigger pon cock
Adjust your pupils to see a dead bwoy walk
Nuff pussyhole gwan die this year
Here comes the Boot Camp slide it to the rear

[Starang Wondah]
Starang coming like a hurricane licking shots
More untouchable than niggas with the chicken pox
So, emcees get lifted when I'm spliffted
Nigga guard your grill cos Louieville packs the biscuit
In the session, Smif-N-Wessun, OGC
Gunn Clappa Numba One with with my nigga D-O-G

We bring the realness, feel this
Boom as Black Moon reveal this

We come to let you know what the deal is
Straight up we serve justice
So if you can't be trusted may you return where the dust is dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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