Paroles de la chanson A Lifetime of War par Sabaton

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Paroles de la chanson A Lifetime of War par Sabaton

Two ways to view the world so similar at times
Two ways to rule the world to justify their crimes
By kings and queens young men are sent to die in war
Their propaganda speaks those words been heard before

Two ways to view the world brought
Europe down in flames
Two ways to rule

Has man gone insane?
A few will remain
Who'll find a way
To live one more day

Through decades of war.
It spreads like disease,
There's no sign of peace.
Religion and creed
Cause millions to bleed.
Three decades of war.

From dawn to dawn they're fighting,
Die where they stand
The fog of war lies thick
When armies scorch the land.
When all of Europe's burning
What can be done?
They've been to war a decade,
Two more to come

Long way from home
Döpas och dö I strid

Lifetime at war

When they face death they're all alike
No right or wrong, rich or poor
No matter who they served before
Good or bad, they're all the same
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