Paroles de la chanson Perspective par Peter Gabriel

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Paroles de la chanson Perspective par Peter Gabriel

I need perspective 'cos I'm facing the wall
I need perspective 'cos I'm not that tall
I need perspective heard the trumpet call
Don't trust my eyes want to know where things fall

I need perspective party time for the newly wed
I need perspective colours ran as the images bled
I need perspective like confetti on the flower bed
Don't trust my eyes priest crying he's got fire in his head

Oh Gaia, if that's your name
treat you like dirt, but I don't want to blame

Oh Gaia, the wind heats the fire and blows the ash away

I need perspective sitting in a long long hall
I need perspective staring at the white white wall
I need perspective waiting for the phone to call
Don't trust my eyes there's one thing I've got to tell you all

I need perspective to see through red red skies
I need perspective to carry merchandise
I need perspective I don't trust my eyes
Don't trust my eyes and I don't like surprise

Oh Gaia, etc

I used to be industrial giant

sitting in a garden full of chemical plant
trying very hard to get you off my mind
acting like any man
taking you for everything I can
just the same, the same as all my kind
-- so blind

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