Paroles de la chanson I'm Alive par Norah Jones

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Paroles de la chanson I'm Alive par Norah Jones

Just sit and wait, don't move
Just hesitate
You can hope and pray
You can moan
Maybe things will change

You feel your soul
Get hollowed out
While the world implodes
You just live without

She walks, she runs
She fights
Almost as one, and finds her voice
She'll march
She has no choice

She's crushed by thoughts
At night
A man who want her rights
And usually win

But she's alive
Oh, she's alive
She's alive
Oh, she's alive

He screams, he shouts
The heads on the TV bow
They take the bait
They make running waves of hate

[Pre-Chorus 3]
They break down walls
To free their sins
And then their hearts
Come caving in

Oh, and once, I think
I dance
And sometimes I drink
I sing my songs
I hope someone sings along

[Pre-Chorus 4]
If I should break
My silent streak
Will knives come out
To cut my cheeks?

Oh, I'm alive
Yes, I'm alive
But I'm alive
Oh, I'm alive
I'm alive
Oh, I'm alive
Yes, I'm alive
Yes, I'm alive

I care, a lot
I know
The things I'm not
It's alright, it's okay
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