Paroles de la chanson When The Walls Fell par Minsk

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Paroles de la chanson When The Walls Fell par Minsk

This night Toward and empty sky a soul defies
Soaked in fire Two paths collide
His head so low he cannot lift An offering to death sublime
His eyes for you In the sacred lines to follow

Upon the precipice, setting precedent
This space where nothing grows
Writhing in grey, wishing the woe away
Faces seen but never known

All the roads to strange paradise
Yet unknown, this sacred destruction

Oh child, your life, your will
Sinking feeling, where are you going now

We approach, an even-ing
We approach a horizon, another cycle of renewal
All our lives, waiting for this time, this release
The mourning has fallen, a balance returns, an even-ing

All our lives spent, waiting for this
Soaked in fire, an empty sky, death sublime, a soul defies this time
All our crimes, they have played out against us
Forget the finality, there is abundance here
Embrace the complexity, now cut the cord and release

Chipping away, away at the stone, building it all, always alone
An inroad into the calcified mind, the beginning of the end of these chains that will bind
So we are, chipping away, so we could know
These scars of old left to mend in the cold

Discovering the essence, we harken the call Oh child, your life, your will
Left for dead in this wasteland, the path unknown Sinking feeling, where are you going now
We carry on, without fear, the birds speak in tongues A blinding light returns, the Will set within
We will heed their beckoning, proceed with all we know At the foot of the hill, a sacrifice made, the will set within
We will harken the call, we will find a way

Yet we remain numb, with this placid facade
I will see through this, I will find a way

We will find our way
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