Paroles de la chanson NAOMI par Lupe Fiasco

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Paroles de la chanson NAOMI par Lupe Fiasco

Signs of intelligent life
Mosquito nets repel anopheles bites
Look at the night
Nice, we look alike
They want a slice to your dreams
Even Christ took a knife for the team
So swing
Fatal flying guillotine

I just come around to help like Batman utility belt
All by myself with the world on my delts
We can chill while it melts
The beat bill feel like it's felt
My suspicion Christians killed all the Celts
What else? What else?
Forget what happened in the past
You gotta let it go like what happened to the Gaz
Can't have such anathema inside a mass
It would ruin your communion and soil all of your fast
Stay away from rebels worshipping the devil like Jazz
When heaven loses a job hell wins staff
Looking over macro-economic math
Karma Waiting and calculating how much time that we have
Then put it all in a graph
Look at all of the past
Go look at instagram then go back and split it in half
I ain't rapping whats happening is blowing glass
Trakk is tapping drums and Crystals blowing the brass

All that beautiful musical moving you like a intercooled Subaru
With an Italian man saying "look at what I do for you"
A nice Chicken Vesuvio
Be in ... often
Round 'em Sicilians I be walking like the ambiance and talking
My favourite part is when all the avogados are brought in
You can put Dolce vita chicken risotto in my coffin

I was in Roxbury on Malcolm X block
Talking the talk that got Malcolm X watched
Trying to pick up where Malcolm X stopped
Only gave my players a Malcolm Xbox
Look in the sky see the Malcolm X ring
Malcolm X-files it's a Malcolm X thing
As you ask you self what does Malcolm X mean
I return to the Force in a Malcolm X-wing
And scene

You know they want a slice of your dreams
But even Christ took a knife for the team
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