Paroles de la chanson Super General 2 par Kevin Gates

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Paroles de la chanson Super General 2 par Kevin Gates

Bitch, I'm in New York with it, right now, I swear to God
This ain't no fairytale, nigga
Kill 'em

These niggas ain't your friends
Jealous of what you got, but they disguise it with a grin
Count your pockets, document it, watchin' everything you spend (They do)
Envy in they heart, secretly wishin' it was them
What you ain't did for them?
Same ones to tuck they tail when it's time to get it in (Real)
If I tell you that I love you, put my life out on a limb
Real stand-up guy, I'm someone you couldn't have been
Since the age of thirteen, I been standin' on all ten
If we had a disagreement, you still livin', I let you live
Told somebody that you checked me, you somebody I ain't wanna kill
Bread Winner, top been amputated when I grip the wheel
Name ringin', I done graduated, really in the field
Nothin' ever been substantiated, what you ever did? (What you ever did?)
Check the belt, souls evacuated, bodies, I got kills (Come here)
I want the whole house, what we don't speak about give you a chill
Go ask junior boy, too late, no backin' out, we clutchin' steel
You ain't got the stomach for it, reach it to me, give it here
Deep down, I'm dyin' on the inside, and ain't no way to get it fixed
Take one of mine, we one for five, but mine is not by accident
Go ask Brave David, it take a man to stand over a kid
God forgive, grr, take a man to stand over a kid (Where we goin'?)
Lil' bitch (Don't nothin' chill), it take a man to stand over a kid
Cleanse my scars, I'm retarded out my mind, I'm tryna heal
Just a thought, collision center in the city I'm tryna build
Not for cars, but brave hearts, we repairin' broken men
I just left our ceremony, I got fly for this shit (Yeah)
No surrender, no retreat, I'ma die for this shit
Chicago in the court of law, I dived in a nigga shit (I'm out my mind)
Elevated up in rank, sayin' I supply the projects
Uber driver, please maneuver Luca Brasi to the projects (Ya dig?)
Watch I stand on Nation Business
Lock it down for self-respect, free Jeff Perry, we the business
Help free everybody else, but left me stranded in the prison (Huh?)
Changed the culture single-handed, and nobody wan' admit it (Be for real)
Goin' hard, ain't win a GRAMMY, still I'm harbourin' resentment
Ones I trusted left me scarred, look how they did me in Virginia (Did me in Virginia)
Reach the twenty piece to lil' one, I ain't charge a single penny
First the video recorded, really ought to get two-fifty (I ought to get two-fifty)
Alexandria in my heart, they show me love when I come visit
Tyson's corner, jewelry, performin' while makin' an appearance
Baltimore, every corner, they be quotin' all my lyrics
And YB J Mane diamonds come from Emit, it hit different
Told Fatt he could grab the pot, the Pyrex lock without the blender
Mo was right there by the door, I'm at the store, he could bear witness
His OG who bought the odor want me to show him how I did it (Yeah, I did that)
Folk just smile, I get excited whenever the Yola go to simmerin' (Sh)
Talk my shit and show Lil Ton how to throw bakin' soda in it
On the phone with I Am NorthEast
Trapital Hill, I'm out my middle, ???, won't get in my face, I'm duckin' the game, but still affiliated wit it
Ray Da Barber bout to split my wig, I'll hit you when he finish
Hold up, bling-aling-aling, they say that shipment got delivered
Fresh out the clink when Toby told me that Fat Trel had just got sentenced (Damn)
When Toby passed the phone to speak, "Fat Gleesh, I love you, bitch, I miss you"
Told Rell to grab me somethin' that ring whenever he go to pick up Drilla
571 to 703, my new lil' flip be goin' dumb
Big Layth was shoppin' in New York, like, what you want? I'm 'bout to get it
Everything you did for wodie, I can't lie, bitch, you the realest
??? Say dick I'm cut like that for real, this shit ain't on me, it's just in me
I can't accept no money from you if we both the same religion
(South East DC, it's movin' time, we just made history in the trenches)
Shoppin' for new clothes, exclusive Louis store outside of Philly
King of Prussia Mall, Big Layth just called and blessed me with some slippers
Said I really appreciate his gift 'cause nothin' was ever given
All the money in the world, would've never thought he wasn't with me
They threw Wichita between me and Chris Bo, that's how you livin'?
Free of charge, I did a beat for dawg that I ain't even mention
Hit the internet pretendin', tryna fornicate my image
They was pillow talkin' 'bout me, I forgive but ain't forget it
The people you was gossipin' with tried to get me for the ???
I treat your children like my children, I'll never get you injured
All praise be to Allah when everybody went against me
I done came back from the dead and put my team back in position
Cuban kilo, emerald flooded (Bling-blaow, bling-blaow)
Water gushin' out my pendant
Bread Winner Alumni thuggin', Audemars and Richard Milles
Lamborghini Revuelto kitted, I just ordered, it ain't finished
The 'Rarri parked ???, you should've caught me in the kitchen
You fuck my bitch, I fuck your bitch, but I don't get off in my feelings
Sometimes, it hurt to keep it gangster, can't complain, can't do no trippin' (Suck it up)
(I ain't doin' no trippin'
Doin' no trippin', homie)
Get my weight up, make 'em feel it
Pay 'em back when I get busy
She arch her back, I pull her hair, she toot that ass up for a nigga
Her bootyhole be winking at me, I punch dick inside her kidneys
??? platinum, chandelier ???
Say dick, your Porsche look like my Porsche, but this the Turbo S edition

Turbo S
Know your Porsche look like my Porsche, but this the Turbo S edition
(Turbo S edition) R.I.P. Gangsta Reezy, man, what up?
Know your Porsche look like my Porsche, but this the Turbo S edition dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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