Paroles de la chanson Sincerely For You (Intro) par Jacquees

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Paroles de la chanson Sincerely For You (Intro) par Jacquees

Sincerely, for you
Aye, I wrote this just for you
You know what I'm sayin' (Hoping you don't leave, babe)
Sincerely, for you
It's a love vibe (Hoping you don't leave)
It's only for you though, that's the only reason
I don't want nobody else to see this
I want her to know how I feel (I'm hoping you don't leave)
Nah, you know what?
You can tell 'em, I won't even mind
‘Cause it's real
Listen, let me express myself

I know you won't be with me and all of my bullshit (Yeah)
All of the times I'd let you down, I know it's foolish (I know)
Nobody deserves to feel broken and clueless (Nah)
In the house, alone, feeling so useless (Yeah)
Staring at your broken heart, like “look what I did” (Uh-huh)
Oh, how I admit, I was trifling
I was drinking and thinking I was invincible (Mmm)
I was drinking and thinking that I could have you both

Do you still care for me? (Care)
For me
Do you still care about me?
About me, ooh

Girl, I wrote this, sincerely, for you, a love note (Love note)
So let's get back to the poetry like this Love Jones (This Love Jones)
Baby, you fine as hell, you like a needle, oh (Yeah)
You know that grown woman shit that I can't leave alone
Please let me be (Yeah) your brother ‘til the night
Come on Slim
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