Paroles de la chanson I Ain't New Ta This par Ice-T

Compositeurs: Dj Aladdin

Editeurs: Warner Chappell Music France,Wb Music Corp.,Carrumba Music,Ammo Dump Music

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Paroles de la chanson I Ain't New Ta This par Ice-T

Do This, Ugh, Come On, Come On
Time To Get Wreck And Kick The So On And So On
The I-C-E-T
O.g. M.c.
S (Ho!)
Watch The Mic Blow
I Flip Scripts, And The Dump Drops The Ammo
Time To Get Wreck With The New Style
It's '93 And Mc's Are Gettin Buck Wild
But I - Ain't A - Nigga
That's Gonna Get Left With A Big Zero As A Figure
I'm Gonna End Up With A Big Sum
Cause If You Don't Like One Jam, I Always Got Another One
Different, Specifically I Don't Copy
Tear Up The Track If The Flow Sounds Sloppy
I Don't Play One Game
I Bust About A Dozen Cuts On My Lp's, None The Same
I Ain't New To This
I Ain't New To This
Never Been
New To This
New To This
I Ain't New To This
New To This
Fuck Around And Catch A Left And A Right Fist
Boom Bam, I Drop Fat Slang
When I Used To Hustle, Used To Be Down With The Crack Game
When I Was Young, I Used To Roll With A Street Gang
If You Wanna Squabble, Muthafucka, It Ain't No Thang
I Ain't New To This, I Ain't New To This
Blow Your Dome, I Hit Quick As A Pugilist
Ugh, Ah, What's Up? Now Your Eyes Swoll'
Thought I Went Soft, Cause My Records Went Gold
(Sucker) Buster, You'se A - Muthafuckin Punk Fool
Caught You In Your Eye While You Reached For Your Tool
Now It's Mine, And You're Blind
Pop-Pop-Pop-Pop-Pop Goes The Nine
Yeah. What You're Dissin Bout, Friend?
Sayin I Went Out, But You Ain't Never Been In
I Got R-E-S-P-E-C-T In The Industry
That's Somethin That You'll Never See

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