Paroles de la chanson My Name par Ice Cube

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Paroles de la chanson My Name par Ice Cube

[? ;(Ice Cube)]
Bitch, what's my name
O M to the (yeah) AKA badass nigga
Young California (California)
Don't just hit switches (no)
SLR, I fly pass niggas
No [?] on the
OMG, I'm hot and I'm cold
I ain't gotta put you in a box with the chrome

I gotta go
I told [?] that I meet him at the top of the throat
Catch me in this bitch and I'm [?]
With a bad bitch you couldn't make it on a [?]
I'm so cold
And I'm sorry mama but I can't [?] change
Rapping the niggas
[?] east L.A
Lench Mob [?]
West side 'till I'm in my grave
No drinkin' no smoke for [?]
Pass the cigars and champagne
Throwin' stacks [?]
Fuck bitches and fuck [?] lifes
So much I should say it twice
Don't need a nigga [?]
I'm too busy living my life
Cause this' my life, it's the life
With two chicks I'm [?]
And you know if they came through
[?] staying overnight
But not tonight, I got a flight
From [?] to the fight
Better be WIFI on my flight
Cause my hoes be lovin' skype
OMG I'm in this bitch
Kickin' it here with my big bruh
All these hoes be shinin' brown
Jumpin' all over my nigga
Fuck with us
Nigga might fuck around and end up layed all out and drunk
Paralysed niggas can't do that walk
All you niggas do is talk
And if I offend you [?] thugs
Excuse my Kanye-West-Michael-Jordan-shrug, uhh
And that's where the Percy Miller
Young Ice like water to these thirsty ass bitches
No hands
No hands
No hands
Tell that bitch to suck my dick with no hands
No hands
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