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Paroles de la chanson ISIS par Dax

Hey Joyner
Hey Logic
Y'all forgot to hit me
I came through though

Fuck that singing shit it's back to my old ways
It's no games I ain't been to sleep in like four days
Niggas gassed 'cause I’m spittin' this propane
Was broke now a nigga fucking rapping in gold chains
I ain't never waste a bar on a low lame
I work to hard to boosting a no name
I’m profane hit a nigga dome from close range I won’t change
Fuck ass niggas

Dax killing a fucking beat like ISIS, nah
I ain't tryna be no fucking terrorist
Everybody's crying on the internet
"Dax is so mean," what fuck nigga do you need a therapist?
Nigga you embarrassing
Don’t you ever try to make comparisons
I speak a different language like it’s Arabic
As-salamu alaykum I feel bad fo yo ass so here’s some money just to go see yo mufukin specialist (It's Dax!)
This is perfect, exactly what I envisioned
Niggas try put me down but can’t push me out of position
Like I ain't perfect and fuck it you ain't different
I’m a sinner, you a sinner we crafted in God's image
Like who you kidding you drowning I been swimming God forgave I didn’t I pillage the whole village
Like say your prayers I’m conquering like the British touch the sky been did it I fucking got no limits
Why everybody wanna hate Dax?
Ain't nobody want to state facts
I been running shit count up my laps
Set a world record no cap
Three minute mile right on this track
Why I would I look back?
When I’m first and you last
I’m the wolf, yeah leader of the pack
I cannot relax
Please stand up and applaud or everybody in the room's getting clapped

This shits hereditary I got the game in fucking missionary
Known to murder beats I write obituaries
Yes I am visionary
When I rap they think I’m cheating this is natural my brain is like a dictionary
Not predictable I keep me guessing like it’s Pictionary
I see you haters you can’t hide I got peripheries
This a warm up, I see you sweating
I ain't even break a sweat this fucking remix was preliminaries
See I’m the Jesus of this rap shit
Everybody tried to crucify me in the fucking public
Jokes on you I resurrected now I’m headed to McDonald’s
'Cause I’m god damn motherfucking loving it you can’t out muscle him, you cannot muzzle him
I think fast no food like Muslims
They call me Ireland 'cause I do the work of two people no clones they didn't ever have to Dublin
Who you think you fucking with?
You don’t got the right to brag thats my swag
You cannot compute my flow 'cause you lag
Niggas try to use my flow to grow kill my name I can’t stop 'cause I’m in my bag
I will not fall like old titties sag
I’m up you're down you zig while I zag
Niggas try to hate on me like I'm trash
You must be confused like I’m dressed in drag
Put them in couffin sick I got 'em coffin
You should known that I was comin just like me and Hopsin
Though that shit was Fuking Logic Joyner our team or get NF like 59 on this rap game's best project
Get it me and EM, hop, logic, Joyner, NF, Royce ALL need to make a song
Shout out tech N9ne he the goat rap legend underground king 55 shows trav put me on
That’s what you call spiritual lyrical miracle right?
Like I ain't really saying shit
You just blinded by ya hate so when I’m saying it
You think I ain't saying shit so what the fucking point of even saying it bitch?
I can’t be broke in 'cause I’m rich
Rap game broken I must fix
I need a token on my mix
If we made a song it would be a hit
Fuck you saying my shit is gon' hit platinum
No album rapping like muscles when they spasm
Hit 'em 22 times no Adam
Take a beat Lil Tecca it’s ass and hold it for ransom
My mom says I’m handsome
Bikini Bottom drip like Plankton
Niggas sitting because they can’t stand him
Please examine this rap game 'cause I just fucked raw, big dick, no magnum

Don’t play wit me rapping is what I do
You can try to separate us but we stuck like glue
I will murder every beat and 'cause terror in these streets
Until they scream name and let me breakthrough
I am not the average rapper nor average dude
I speak life into existence and make it come true
If I’m cocky so be it don’t hate it use take it
Apply it and watch yo dreams come find you

It's Dax
Put yo fucking hands up
If I ain't kill this shit you a fuckin' liar
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