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Paroles de la chanson Da FUKUMEAN par DaBaby

Look, I don't know if these niggas gon' like this
I be feelin' like these niggas don't like me
The only thing to save them from me was the virus
I be fuckin' niggas bitches all the time, so I wouldn't be surprised if these niggas fuckin' my bitch, zoom
Tool in my head while I'm drivin', boom
Shoot at yo' ass, don't even try this (Fuck you mean?)
Baby chew on that dick like it's Trident, yeah, a Hubba Bubba
Got four kids right now, I might want another, I'm a cool ass lil' cold-blooded motherfucker
I'm tellin' you, just got off FaceTime with ???, free cuz
Get loose and shake 'em, tried lockin' me up
When we fuck, she wanna play ''fukumean''
When I hit from the back, make her holla', ''Free Thug''

Holla' free Thug, holla' free Thug, bitch (Free Thug! Free Thug! Yeah) (Fuck you mean?)
Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'?
When I hit from the back, I make her holla', ''Free Thug'', y'know what I'm sayin'? (Free Thug!)
And it be soundin' just like this, and all you do is you just hell, screamin' Free Thug (Hahahahahahaha)

Twenty-one shots on my Glock, huh, three hunnid block on my Goyard, mm
Kick my cousin out my car, why you can't get in here? You ain't got no ride, pussy
She pulled up on me and my videoshoot with a plate of hot food and a blowjob, huh
I got back to work, sweat comin' out my shirt
I been in her all day, bitch, I go hard
And I don't even like to play tough with a bitch-ass nigga, if I have the low hand, I pull yo' card
And fuck around and play the hard way and [tunk?] out
These niggas runnin' out of balls, they gon' punk out
I kicked her with a lil' broad and we hung out
Then back to the streets with her, streets threw her back to me
I threw her to a NFL, nigga, everybody clappin' the flea-flicker, what's happenin' with me, nigga?

You know what I'm sayin'? I say, I say
I threw the bitch to the streets, streets threw her back to me
Then I threw her to NFL, nigga, like a flea-flicker
You know, that might go over your head
Y'know what I mean, you know
??? fucked up for the football ???
You know, football season just started (Fuck you mean?)
This year, I'm goin-, I'm goin' for the Ravens, by the way
Y'know I'm sayin', I'm fuckin' with my boy Odell
Y'know what I mean
In the highest paid motherfuckin' quarterback
In-, in-, in NFL history
I don't know, I think I'm incorrect on that, so I'm probably gon' take that out, but, you know
You know
Fuck you mean (Fuck you mean?)
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