Paroles de la chanson Pusher Man par Curtis Mayfield

Musique de Curtis MAYFIELD
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Paroles de la chanson Pusher Man par Curtis Mayfield

I'm Your Mama
I'm Your Daddy
I'm That Nigga
In The Alley
I'm Your Doctor
When In Need
Want Some Coke?
Have Some Weed
You Know Me
I'm Your Friend
Your Main Boy
Thick And Thin

I'm Your Pusherman (2x)

Ain't I Clean

Bad Machine
Super Cool
Super Mean
Dealin' Good
For The Man
Here I Stand
Secret Stash
Heavy Bread
Baddest Bitches
In The Bed

I'm Your Pusherman (3x)

Silent Life Of Crime
A Man Of Odd Circumstance
A Victim Of Ghetto Demands
Feed Me Money For Style

And I'll Let You Trip For A While
Insecure From The Past
How Long Can A Good Thing Last?
Woo-Hoo, No...

Got To Be Mellow, Y'all
Gotta Get Mellow, Now
Pusherman Gettin' Mellow, Y'all

Heavy Mind
Heavy Sign
Makin' Money
All The Time
My 'El D.'
And Just Me
For All Junkies
To See

Ghetto Prince
Is My Thing
Makin' Love's
How I Swing

I'm Your Pusherman (2x)

Two Bags, Please
For A Generous Fee
Make Your World
What You Want It To Be
Got A Woman I Love Desperately
Wanna Give Her Somethin' Better Than Me
Been Told I Can't Be Nuthin' Else
Just A Hustler In Spite Of Myself
I Know I Can Break It
This Life Just Don't Make It
Lord, Lord, Yeah

Got To Get Mellow, Now
Gotta Be Mellow, Y'all
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