Paroles de la chanson Life Is Sad par Charles Aznavour

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Paroles de la chanson Life Is Sad par Charles Aznavour

Life is sad, love's a curse
I've watched all over from bad to worse
Without a cause your faith in me wavers
And love loses flavor

Eva, Eva

Eva, Eva after all this time
I still recall our love, and taste its summer wine
In youth you brought to me your heart a budding rose
Each morning sun would find you lying there before me

Eva, Eva vivid memory
I'd see you run across the fields to come to me
Your skin was fresh and sweet, its essence was of dew
And when we softly kissed... but that's another story

Life is sad, love's a pain
You want to leave, not come back again
You pack your bag your voice is so trembly
Our love augurs dimly

Emily, Emily

Emily, Emily, where are you today?
You used to hate the sun and come out nights to play
You used to walk bare foot while dreaming in the rain
I'd often speak and you'd not hear a word I'm saying

Emily, Emily, with the wind blown hair
At times a child, at times a woman
Fine and fair
So unpredictable, so foolish yet so wise
And when our lips would meet but wait, my mind is straying

Life is sad, love's unkind
This time you'll leave, you'll not change your mind
You say our love became a dull story
It lost all its glory

Laurie, Laurie

Laurie, Laurie painful souvenir
Who took the time to take my heart then disappear
I gave my love to you, you tossed it to the wind
And you were at the age I thought you'd be so grateful

Laurie, Laurie time then soon erased
The bitter food of love I once again would taste
But I had gained from you I kept your souvenirs
I learned that love's a word and happiness is fragile

Life is sad, we're apart
But spring will come and return my heart
One day will die another takes wing
Today I may cry, tomorrow I'll sing
But this is the way of life
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