Paroles de la chanson Who Are You par C2C

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Paroles de la chanson Who Are You par C2C

I feel like I'm pinned on the mat
In the middle of spaghetti road
I know there's a light at the end
But the tunnel it seems so narrow

Trying to find my way but my shoes is feeling heavy
They say I'm always dragging my feet
Now the world is measured on how fast you can get it
So I'm left behind before I can reach
Before I can reach, yeah

Makin' a life for yourself
It's getting harder everyday, who are you!
Pressure to find the cuffs and dollar,
Said he's trying to find a way, who are you!
Life isn't as long as you think
Spend it wise while you're awake, who are you!
Timing is father to you
And it will never be the same, who are you!

(La la la la la la) Who are you

Surrounded, oh he's taking part in the habitation of your soul
But just cause you like the way it looks don't mean it's gonna suit ya
Don't mean it's gonna suit ya
Now is not composure and I'm not in a hurry
Could you say that in a frugiless time
Before you even blink
The day is to the night
And the ball would drop the 13th time
Still you're wondering why?
Yeah, yeah

I'm making a move
While time over bares the rules
Don't pen can be stackin', this tale
I'ma never is tell what you sing is close to gamble
Compose the faith and all the things I've seen
Change the favor of successful things
Gotta be more than a dream, I know!
Sometimes I could be slow and then the rest of the pack
But rest assured, no matter how much I fall I never refrain
Get back on the bike
Peddlin' hard I generate life
Wanna be soft, flavor the world
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