Paroles de la chanson Sept 4th par B.O.B.

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Paroles de la chanson Sept 4th par B.O.B.

You got it, lil' nigga you got it
You ight, you got it
Pop your shit, don't be modest
Pop your shit, don't be modest

Remember, you'll always be that nigga
Don't let nobody play with you
But still control your temper
The real from the fake, that's some shit you gotta figure
But if he don't treat his momma right
You shouldn't be hanging with him (that's a red flag)
It don't occur when you're 3, but ain't nobody put together perfectly
So don't be out here judging people, holding grudges with people
See, I'm just tryna make a better version of me
You got that spark that I gave you, the charm and the sauce
You can call it in the air if it's a coin that they toss
But I can tell you what I know
I can tell you about the highs about the lows
About the, how you feel when you're back to the ropes
When the tables turn, and everyone that you know, has betrayed you
Well, shit gon be alright, its gon work out
You ain't gotta stress, just meditate and workout
If you passionate bout something, don't be scared to nerd out
Learn to take your time when you talking, get your words out
You gotta move like a king
Don't give your energy to anyone or anything
I know you ain't here to follow dudes, you gotta lead
Just take a look at who your father was, it's in your genes
Lean to love your momma even when yall disagree
And when shit don't go your way, evaluate don't get extreme

No matter how hard it get
No atter how hard
Shit gon be okay, shit gon be alright
Pop your shit, don't be modest

It ain't a lot of options for niggas like us
The mindset we adopted is just to self-destruct
But you won't have them problems long as there's air in my lungs
An engineer or a doctor, do whatever you must
Be careful who you trust
Cuz there's no such thing as a _? king
If you shoot hoops, or spit 16s
Look, if you want nice things, ill teach you manifestation
If you got big dreams
I love you forever, cuz forever I'll always be
I'll never kill your spirit be as big as you can be, salute

You got it, lil' nigga you got it
You ight, you got it
Pop your shit, don't be modest
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