Paroles de la chanson B.a.d.a.b.o.o.m. par World Leader Prentend

Compositeurs: Ferguson,Hutchinson

Editeurs: Warner Chappell Music France,Warner Chappell Music Publishing Limited

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Paroles de la chanson B.a.d.a.b.o.o.m. par World Leader Prentend

Once upon a time their grotesque forms crawled up the Columns
Crept along flawless grounds
And hung from the balconies of churches
Which remind us of the tribulations that await its sentence
Today these creatures mostly populate
Hollywood horror films
Action comic books
Fantasy literature
Animation and childrens' stories
Their context has changed
The enclitic route these have endured over these vast spans Of time
'Monstrum' means not only the divine omen
But also an expulsion of divine proportion
Monsters stir fear and loathing
And violate the natural order by sprouting appendages
And fusing incongruous species
And just as the universe began
So does my pride and yours
With a loud, and subsequent badaboom!

B.A.D.A.B.O.O.M [X8]

And now oh, its a slow descent really
Eh, now you've got it
Ah, badaboom?

Heres the gracelet
Must replace with
Something far more shallow
Heres a space with much disgrace
Let me show you how to

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