Paroles de la chanson Brooklyn par $uicideboy$

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Paroles de la chanson Brooklyn par $uicideboy$

[$lick $loth]
I just left a show in Brooklyn
Now I'm in the kitchen with the dope cooking
4 bitches calling on my cell
12 know I got intent to sell
Bucking and jumping with Smurf up in Memphis
Run up get done up got blood on my tennis
Don't need no talking don't finish your sentence
If I'm ever surrounded you know it's by bitches
Xans and lean in the styrofoam
Don't mind me, my mind is gone
Buncha bitches and plenty smoke
Hustle Family, $uicide, scope to your throat

[ Ruby da Cherry]
Hot drop
Drop top
Top Drop
Hoes drop it like its hot
Yeah bitch I'm the shit
Wipe me down
Ruby da Cherry got 6 blunts, got 6 cuts, got 6 stunts
These hoes wouldn't talk to me before that but
Wipe me down
Chop sticks and a plate of rice
Got the block lit you ain't safe with ice
Stocking the slots
Wipe me down
Grey kicks
Grey T
Grey Hoodie
Grey rag tied around my face
Wipe me down
Smurf rolling up the blunt
Slick chilling in the cut
I'm just too fucked up ho

[Black Smurf]
I walk up in this bitch like its my momma house
Watch how we (?) we hit the club and shut it down
Can't compete with a hustler boy
Throw in the towl
Me and my nina see we partnered like Keenan and Kel
My cash up stack racked
Whole team flossed up
Ching ching check my style know you see me bossed up
Bitch cash on his head that get him chopped up quick
He talking war but dont think he got enough clips
Bet for the cash that your pussy ass play snitch
We snatch and dash just to make your (?)
East memphis man I can show you pain real quick
Watch who you playing wit
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