Paroles de la chanson 100 Blunt$ (DJ Phantazm Remix) par $uicideboy$

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Paroles de la chanson 100 Blunt$ (DJ Phantazm Remix) par $uicideboy$

Yo, light that cigarette, that cigarette, I'm tripping
Ash it then I flick it
Liquid got me feeling, got me feeling wicked
Sickening how I'm thinking
Every weekend during evenings
I'm creeping, all black secrets
Got a demon who be speaking, who be speaking
I swear to God, they so misleading
I'm just a skeleton in clothing
Junkie that be, junkie that be, junkie that be flowing
I be that, be that, in your closet
That drug money in your wallet
All black for a home invasion
Smoking that, Smoking that dope till I'm Asian
Up in that alley way I'm bent
Switch blade on my hip
Sipping dip that's mixed 6x
With Crys
Got me tripping, talking shit...

Got me tripping talking shit (Uh)
I'm twisted on that dip (Yea) (x2)

100 blunts to the face
100 cups of the bale (x4)

[Ruby da Cherry]
It's that grim reaping mother fucker
Patch me up, I'm leaking
Snatch me up your bitch (x7)
I'm riding dirty swerving and I'm skewing
What I'm seeking is a soul, you could consider me a demon
Dreaming of a (x5)
Fuck boy massacre
Bitch, I'm scheming
Bitch, I'm steaming up some weed
And I'll be damned if you is reaching for this blunt your bitch rolled laced with your homies' ashes
I'm teasing meaning I told your bitch that we would fuck, but didn't for no reason
Please and thank you when I drop a track
My audience is a bunch of zombies teaming up to try and stop me
Tony told me it was chopper season, leave you screaming for your mommy
Spray them with that tommy, then I spray them with that Tommy
Mmm... You smell good for a dead motherfucker

100 blunts to the face
100 cups of the bale (x4) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)