Paroles de la chanson Babys Gone par Trace Adkins

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Paroles de la chanson Babys Gone par Trace Adkins

If this was a joke
I'd be laughing by now
cuttin' up with the boys
and braggin' bout how
I talked my way
out of the trouble I was in

She kept sayin'
You're gunna miss me
but never did take her seriously
I guess her gift of prophecy was real

babys gone

baby aint to blame
that'd be my fault
me and my no brain
might'a took a train to Tupelo
might'a been Tulsa for all I know
talk about movin' on
babys gone

I admit I'm the type
needs a wake-up call
sometimes you gotta hit me
with a cannonball
I guess baby goin' AWOL did the trick
pretty quick

now the trick is
gettin that girl back home
gonna get in the car

get on the phone
if I have to call everybody she's ever known
and tell'em this

(repeat chorus)
if you wanted my attention
you've got it now
baby, anything

(repeat chorus)
thats the name of the song
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