Paroles de la chanson Outro (Spirit War) par Tonha

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Paroles de la chanson Outro (Spirit War) par Tonha

I'm in spirit war, I'm in war with my demons
Holy water got the drip drip for my demons
They can come to me I'm anointed pour la vie
That's why if you push me, I'll turn your A to a Z (x2)

Another day another blessing
Damn I'm feeling blessed
Sacrificial payment, I'll pray until my death
Far away from death, far away from that
Was a procrastinator, now I'm hungry
Some for people from my entourage are sleeping on me

I'm in spirit war with some people from family
It's incredible I thought we really were a family

Tryna kill my pops twice cause he got the drip drip
Family members getting jealous, if you're thirsty take a sip

Yo Aunty wassup with you? You've been judging
Laughing on some family issues that we had
Plus you robbed us 10 000 euros fuckin' cash
Why when you could ask?
Family members wishing my death
But God got my back
So fuck that nigga
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