Paroles de la chanson The Homecoming par Pretenders

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Paroles de la chanson The Homecoming par Pretenders

I fell by the way
The reason you haven't heard from me
I just didn't want to tell you
Or see me this way
Having fun with this men
In some war circumstance, who would've guessed?
Force my hand when I was homeless
He just, he wouldn't understand
If you saw me
Holding his hand

I fell from your grace
The reason you haven't seen me here
I just, I didn't want to tell you to your face
But I left clues you couldn't refuse
Obvious, your friends would see
I knew you'd get the word eventually
I'd rather have them tell you
It's just as well
The picture's gone

I fell while you were away
You leave a woman at home
Anyone will tell you
She's gonna stay
I confessed
You know the rest
Priomises you never kept
Where were you baby?
You overslept
When you hear that prison bell, think of me
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