Paroles de la chanson At Last ! par The Do

Paroles de Olivia BOUYSSOU
Musique de Olivia BOUYSSOU
Arrangement de Dan LEVY

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Paroles de la chanson At Last ! par The Do

At last
I found what I was dreaming of
So bad
I want to tell the whole world
But I won't say no more
Won't make it harder on you girls
At last!
The love that I was dreaming of
Is mine
Been walking on air
For the last 92 hours
But I won't make it harder in you girls
Been groping my way along the darkest of dungeons
Until I found out there were switches all around
At last
I found what I was dreaming of
Who truly understands me
A man I can trust
Trust with my dust
At last
It's more than I could ever
I can't believe it's real
Now my life has a goal: a good happy home

Made up my mind now it's time settle down
But don't hold this against me
I gotta run now
Oh girls
I found what you're still craving for
If you
Accept a piece of my advice
It's nothing but luck,
And I happened to be struck
Oh girls
Oh please don't be so childish
Don't want my joy to make you sick
Thought I could share the fun
But I guess I was wrong
Gave up my heart
And my soul
And my pride
And my job
And my creeds
And the ones that I love
Gave up my all
To a man I just met
But there's no time to waste
Cos it's almost too late
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