Paroles de la chanson Chasing You par The City Drive

Auteurs: Hazel Smith

Editeurs: Sony Atv Music Publishing France,Sony Atv Harmony,Famous Music Llc,Wax Paper Music

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Paroles de la chanson Chasing You par The City Drive

One time in this sordid life
I had it all but let it go
Backtrack; I need the facts of why
You're better off out on your own
Waste your time
Better yours than mine
Should I draw the line?
Should I give my heart away?
My unlucky streak
It's Is catching up with me
You're the one that got away
One day, you'll be back and you will say
Nobody compares to you
I countdown even though I know now
I'll always be chasing you
Two times I've looked deep inside
And my body wants to go
Soundtrack brings me back to life
A summer Sunday afterglow
We left it incomplete
A break that wasn't clean
I can't watch it fade away
When was I strong?
I can't go on
Each day is longer than the one before
Don't shoot me down
Don't let me drown
This is the sound of
Someone wanting more
Each day
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