Paroles de la chanson Outro par T.I.

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Paroles de la chanson Outro par T.I.

Ye-yeah, well I guess that's it pimpin that's why I say I'm serious

I like to take this time to say I love you to everybody who supported me, kiss my ass to everybody who didn't

Also, this is been brought to you by Ghetto-vision, Aero-street, Whats happening KP, LA? I wanna thank all Ghetto-vision Staff, all the Aero-street staff, Everybody who had a thing to do with the album, you know?

I wanna thank management JG of Grand hustle, I wanna thank DJ Toomp, whats happening?


I wanna thank Bryan Kid, I wanna thank Neptunes, For real, Chad whats happening man? Craig Love, yeah, Chasy Faith

Gotta say whats happening to padaway, thats the dude with the funky licks with that get talk, yeah

I wanna thank my momma, my family, my Kids, yeah. P$C, My motherfucking home boy, $, D.P., C-Rod, Big Kuntry King, AK, B., Lil Greg, Mario, the one and only Matt Boney, Kurt, Cap, whats happening?

Rest in peace to my home boy Bankhead, J-Ru, Little Rico, Jane, Dollar, Jill, We ain't forgot about ya


Well, till next time keep it pimpin, be easy, lay it on
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