Paroles de la chanson Act II: T.I. par T.I.

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Paroles de la chanson Act II: T.I. par T.I.

Mmm, God mm
What the fuck, what time is it?
I coulda swore I parked my car (shit)

Ay, light hit my face sun brought the heat
Open my eyes see my car parked across the street
And then it hit me I ain't really slept at all in a week
Matter fact I don't even remember fallin asleep
Alantic office claimin J. Geter keep callin the heat
Is it an emergency or somethin you need to talk to me?
J said - "I thought you needed to talk to me

If it's a change made aware I think it ought ta be
You makin ultimatums now you don't talk to me
You make shit way worse then it ought ta be
I ain't arguin on the phone, come talk to me
I'll be waitin on you dawg at the office, peace"
Now, thinkin hard as I walk out my house
What the fuck have I done now, what could he be talkin 'bout?
I been stayin outta trouble, shit I been on the couch
Just workin on the album, I was listenin now
Then, Doug called (ay you spoke to J?)
Yeah is it somethin I don't know that I was supposed to say?
All I know is for the hour I been woke today
Niggas comin with the riddles and the jokes today
I'm real close to J, I seen ups and downs hit

But I ain't never heard him sound the way that he sounded
Really caught a nigga by surprise, I was astounded
He a real cool dude but why he call me clownin?

[Doug Peterson] + (T.I)
You sayin you don't know 'bout it? (Know 'bout what?)
Atlantic Records said you called the office and went nuts
Makin death threats talkin loud gettin buck
(Man they said I did what? Folk I'm just gettin up!)
Say you waitin out your deal 'til you year is up
You plannin to make away with 20 million bucks
(You bullshittin me right? Is you serious bruh?)
Yeah they said from now on they'd rather deal with us

I talked to Craig, Jules and Kys' a long time
Long story short they said you done lost ya damn mind
And they runnin off deeper across ya deadline
You crossin a thin line, don't give 'em a deadline
Or they suin the shit up out ya, they don't give a shit about ya
Said you ain't doin nothin they couldn't have done without ya
Man you ain't never been hotter, worked a whole lotta
Years and came up to go way back to the bottom, what

Hustle pimp, hustle pimp

[ T.I.]

Man, the hell is y'all talkin 'bout?
I been in the house all night
I don't know nothin 'bout that shit man
I got the album right here!
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