Paroles de la chanson Take It Back par Swollen Members

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Paroles de la chanson Take It Back par Swollen Members

[Mad Child] Yo, Prev

[Prevail] Wassup?

[Mad Child] I'm thinkin' man, we don't always have to talk about dungeons an' dragons all the time you know?

[Prevail] Hmmm....

[Mad Child] We don't have to make things so complicated

[Prevail] No Doubt

[Mad Child] Eh yo, let's take this back an show 'em how we can do this too

[Prevail] Word


Deep bayous and canyons, you can't get by the cannon
Seasoned veterans, the hawk is landin'
Toxic tandem, the doctrine of madmen
The planet of apes is now a main attraction
How does it happen? If I knew I'd tell ya
They'd probably try to say I worship devils in the cellar
It's just a slight of hand, like Pen & Tellar
The mighty dollar is taller than the scholar
Ask your neighbourhood martyr about the fire starter
People are driven to buildings when I let it out my system

Built by the hands of men and women
Thinkin' of quitin'? Now's the time
There's more job opportunities at the back of the line
Applications and registrations? Feels more like an investigation
Now how's that for a demonstration?


Go back to the essence
What we gonna do right here is
Take it back to the basics
Swollen Members
What we gonna do right here is go back
Go back to the essence

What we gonna do right here is
Take it back to the basics
Swollen Members

[Mad Child]

Eh yo, we all get older, rhymes get bolder
Series of events makes the heart grow colder
Started off with 2, now we got mad soldiers
Battleaxe Warriors bitch, I though I told you
Heinekens on stage, never rock shows sober
Spit venom of a cobra, hatched in October (cusp)
Libra-scorpion is takin' over
Still the Silver Surfer, I ain't trippin' on Nova
Introducin' Mad Child, ladies and gentlemen
Let's give a big round of applause for adrenaline

You ain't right, a fuckin' phantom at night
That wears a mask by day, with a temper tantrum
Don't light my fuse, cuz if this dynamite blows up in your face
There won't be no one left to clean up the place
Swollen Members adds up to one thing
and you can quote this:
Temporary relief for the hopeless


Prisons that are made by the mind are lethal,
Truly blind they can bind all people
Make you wanna call out for water an' bread?
My name is Prev Won, I put the thought in your head

[Mad Child]

Manic depressin', I panic from too much stressin'
Of course I'm second guessin', cuz life is just a question
Keep your suggestions, we ain't hearin' you guys
My name is Mad Child I put the fear in your eyes


Grey skies, disguise my chariot
I've arrived, to mesmerize the arrogant
Clear the area, and change the false
Prophetic speakers that lead the lost

[Mad Child]

We feel the need to work and conquer at all cost

Underground, so there ain't nothin' to fall off
Never spoke soft, so what if we get broke off?
We ain't the type of people that's meant to be made a joke of dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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