Paroles de la chanson Burn It Down par Swollen Members

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Paroles de la chanson Burn It Down par Swollen Members

Moka Only]

Burn it down
Burn it down
I just can't stop tonight, cuz it's hot tonight
I wanna burn it down
I know I'm feelin' right an' I'm feelin' like
I'm gonna burn it down
Ain't nothin' gonna stop this train, cuz it's off the chain
I wanna burn it down
Oh, I wanna burn it down
Really wanna burn it down


Possess more power then the Marvel Universe
You understand now, but you all got startled at first
We don't play your game, we make up our own rules
I'm runnin' on full strength, I'll pick up a phone booth
Throw it right at you, that and I'm tattooed
Voice deeper than Ab Rude when I'm in a bad mood
This is my neighbourhood, a place where you never could
Get over, it's over for you, you'd run if you knew what was good
For your health, I ain't huntin' for noone else
An' there's noone else here, so you can quit yellin' for help
It's like The House Of A Thousand Corpses
For some it's hideous, to me it's gorgeous

[Moka Only]

Now spark your things an' make a frame
Tonight we gonna do it like we all insane
Pyromaniacs burn this bitch
An' now you gonna learn whose turn this is
Light your shit up, get up and move
You bring the fire, I got mine too
Plus, we got nothin' to prove
We're gonna burn it down when we're steppin' thru

[Mad Child]

Yo, double fantasy of crime and punishment
I don't think you understand the amount of astonishing thoughts that I'm unharnessing
An uncommon phenomanon, shit's over the top
Covert Ops recognisance, I'm on those you cannibals
I'm the most expandible, dangerous man on the planet
You can fuck a farm animal
Don't panic, it's an insane maniac, don't pay any attention
Of course I've got problems, too many to mention
Rappers comin' up like "What you got there?"
"Another Swollen Members album?! It's not fair!"
Please believe I'll be livin' illegal
If I can't keep sellin' cds to people
But my voice is lethal deep, I breathe ether
You're like "I don't really wanna fuck with him." "Me neither."
I'm focused, it's nothing to joke about
I'm loco, I'll vocally choke you out

[Moka Only]

Watch, while I knock your socks off
I'm just here to make somethin' obnoxious pop off
An' I'mma kill it even if I have to talk soft
Let me turn this up an' make you crack your drop top
I cannot stop, it's like a curse
You'll break your jaw just tryin' to recite my verse
I write raps in the sun while I quench my thirst
Police helicopters gettin' on my nerves
Emergency, you burnin' third degree
So be alert while I work, you could learn from me
Yeah I smoke cigarettes and knock back my Folgers
Say my name, you're liable to crack your molars
I don't rub shoulders, shmooze or mingle
And pop 'X' and ? drink booze and tingle
I just do enough so the clubs can sing to
My song tellin' me that "I love your single"
"I love you, I'm single" No you don't
It's just my pocket's jingle I know you want
You want keys, an' G's and all the iller things
But slow your roll ma, cuz I fund a million things
This time 16 ain't enough
I've got a couple more bars of the famous stuff
It's Moka O, my name's like a stain in rust
That ain't about to disappear, yeah same with us
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