Paroles de la chanson A Heartbeat Rap par Sweet G

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Paroles de la chanson A Heartbeat Rap par Sweet G

Clap your hands, stomp your feet
C'mon girl, feel my heartbeat

Clap your hands, stomp your feet
C'mon girl, feel my heartbeat

Party people, discotheques, night clubs and radio stations
I got a brand new sound that I'm putting down
It's Sweet G's rap sensation
I come from a place that's really known
It's the Big Apple, huh! It's my home
Wanna take a little time to introduce myself
I don't mean to brag or boast
I'm gonna tell ya one time to blow your mind
So ladies listen close
Ya see, I'm 6 foot 1 with the curly hair
Yeah, pretty as can be
When Sweet G's around everybody throws down
From the letters A to Z
Hey, born on the sign of Aries
My birthday's April 5th
With the rap sensation that's rockin' the nation
It's a God given gift
Everybody in the house movin' your feet
Everybody say heartbeat (Heartbeat!)
Heartbeat (Hearbeat!)
Feel my funky beat

I got style, class, finesse
Whatever I do, I do it best
Whether makin' love or sayin' a rhyme
It's right on beat, it's right on time
When I'm walkin' down the street as cool as can be
All the fly girls wanna know Sweet G
I'm one-of-a-kind to shock your mind
Like a needle in the haystack, hard to find
Put the bass lows in your toes
I put the funky boogie boos in your shoes
I put the disco beat in your feet
With the funky boogie break to put your body in heat
Well I could rap, dance, entertain
I make ya rock to my beat just the same
Destined to be in the hall of fame
Cause this is how I run my game

I got fine young ladies and a lotta clout
You can bet your last dollar I can turn 'em all out
Now throw your right hand in the air, ladies
Left hand on your hip
Move up close, slide your feet
Now you're doin' that heartbeat
Can I say it now?
One, two
One, two, three, hit it!

To the fellas in the house, let's stop [?]
Let's show these girls that we can rhyme
One, two, on my cue
This is what I want you to do
I said clap your hands one time
Stomp your feet two times
Clap your hands one time
Stomp your feet two times
Now the fellas in your house at the top of your voice
Gotta let the girls know we're the people's choice
Nice and loud if you're on the go
All the fellas in the house say hooo! (Hooo!)
Hooo! (Hooo!)
And I won't stop
To the ladies in the house if you're on the scene
Or walkin' round in your favorite jeans
Or simply dressed up like a queen
Ladies in the house let me hear you screeeeaaam!
Fellas, all the fellas in the house I know you're down
It's time for you to stop messin' around
If you've been bad since the day you were born
Let me hear you say c'mon!
C'mon, once again, feel my funky beat!

It's a funky sound to rock ya to your knees
On the count of three, let your body freeze
One, two, three, freeze!


There's just one more thing that I would like to say
To all the radio jocks workin' day by day
If this sign is where it's at
Let me hear you say "And you know that!" (And you know that!)
And you know that! (And you know that!)
Gonna let you know before I go, just who you've been listening to
Gonna spell it out one letter at a time
[?] to you
Let me tell you now
You add a G and apostrophe
Said I go by the unforgettable name
Of the man they call, Sweet G

Byeee (Bye, bye Sweet G)
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