Paroles de la chanson Invisible par Steve Earle

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Paroles de la chanson Invisible par Steve Earle

There's a hole in my shoe but I don't mind
'Cause it keeps me connected to the ground when I'm
Feelin' like maybe if I ain't careful I'll just blow away
Then the lightnin' strikes the thunder rolls and I'm ok.

Everywhere I go
People pass me by
They never know 'cause I'm
A shadow hangin' low
A footstep just behind
They carry on but I'm


I'm taking my time but I ain't slow
'Cause it ain't like I got anyplace else to go
But there's ghosts in these streets callin' my name
And I follow 'em down in the dark again

An angel bending down
To whisper in your ear
You turn around but we're

A rumble underground
Your deepest darkest fear
You hear the sound but they're

Brother can you spare
A dollar and a dime?
The cupboard's bare and I'm
Travel anywhere
You won't ever find
A purer heart 'cause mine's invisible
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