Paroles de la chanson Red Rum par Soulja Boy Tell Em

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Paroles de la chanson Red Rum par Soulja Boy Tell Em

These niggas be pussy
I'm smoking on cookie
Pull down your block with that chopper
I got a hundred fifty shooters and they with me
Flour the fish and I'm whippin' up with it
Pussy niggas say they want me, tell them to come get me
Don't count up money, I literally get it
I skrrt through the city, extended the Glizzy
That 30, that automatic, backwards semi
Ooh, Stacks on Deck, murder
This right here Red Rum, I called this shit murder
Who him cause I ain't never heard of him
Hop in a orange McLaren, watch You Drako skrrt
[?] and bullets, I'm feeling like Percy

Hop out the whip, I'm doing them dirty
Pull up and shoot, like Kyrie Iriving
I don't give a fuck about the cash
I see your bank account, and I laugh
Add it up, pussy nigga do the math
Hundred K for a show, God damn
I'm getting money for real
I was rich way before the deal
Pop a nigga like a pill
Young Drako, nigga I'm worth 30 mil
It's Zone 1 [?], my nigga we having it
They tried to hit me with the RICO in traffic, and
Young Drako drip, I don't dress off a mannequin
Shoot with the Draco, it came from Afghanistan
Your bitch, she suck on my dick, she my biggest fan
I got fishes, see the pack in the mufuckin' minivan

Put that stick on your partner then we killin' him
Young Drako numb to this fuck shit, nigga I feelin' him
Young Drako gettin' cash, money, and dividends
Rich Gang, young nigga, I been the man
Pyrex pot whip my 360 like [?]
[?] in my mansion, need a helicopter man
Slide back on your block with that chopper
Yeah I'm sippin' on lean like I came from the doctor man
My chopper start singin' like it's in a Oprah man
My diamonds be wetter than mufuckin' Aquaman
Pull up on the block with a Draco, it choppin' him
Drako not a door, so nigga stop knockin' him
Reach for my chain then you know that I'm poppin' him

I jump in the McLaren, ain't a thing stoppin' him
Walk in that trap house, them bricks, I'm coppin' them
Come to the Soulja Mansion and go take a swim
I remember Dill Avenue, gettin' it in
Ran from police with Tonio, my best friend
Extended Glizzy, 30, and a FNN
Hit him with Draco, he won't see again
Jump in Bugatti, I'm gone in the wind
Cop me a Rollie and whip up my bitch a new Benz
She don't let me hit, then I'm fuckin' her friends
I'm pouring up juice and I'm pouring out Gin
Diss me in a song, but he won't do that again
Up on they block, 360, watch me spin dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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