Paroles de la chanson Did You Ever par SOJA (Soldiers Of Jah Army)

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Paroles de la chanson Did You Ever par SOJA (Soldiers Of Jah Army)

Did you ever get that feeling that the
Road of life is long, but it can be so damn
Short for some/so live it up while you can
Because you can

Ife is a journey every step of the way
No matter what we do, No matter what we say,
Earth remains the same and the man a let their eyes glaze,
Memories increase, I mean that shorten your days.
Shorter the days, I mean less chance for you to shine
And the more time you waste, meaning more wasted life.
The life a man wastes, that accumulates
This Earth's gonna be around, but not for those who wait.

Did you ever catch that feeling,
That we turn to His Majesty when we low?
Now, did you ever catch that reasoning
That we then must turn to Him when we high now

Life might not go on forever for everyone
The road of life seems long,
But it can be so damn short for some.
We watch what we do
Cause of what going on in babylon
We watch what we say
Cause of what going on in a wicked land.
What's going on in babylon?
King Jah Jah, equip me with what I need
To be firm and strong. He said it before, say it
Again, and from now on: Without the Lord, the
Rudderless ship buck in the storm.
But in the calm, there the soldier
Decide what go on. In the house of Lord there
Is my meditation. Man is ready to change the world,
In justice and wrong. Man make a difference,
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