Paroles de la chanson Pain & Pleasure par Shade Empire

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Paroles de la chanson Pain & Pleasure par Shade Empire

Ashes of burned memories cover my marks from infinity. But just how many
Times I have walk this same path over again

I can see the shine of deception in your eyes. I was born to hate you and
Your kind. You promise heaven, but all you can give is lies

I see the fear of being left alone in your eyes. All those ruined lives
Corrupted minds with lies

Now those forgotten souls scream your name from behind the graves. There
Will be no tomorrow, there wasn't one today. Every morning you will wake up
To see your own image in hell. And the day will come when these lessons of
Suffering will be taught you and your kind too

I look into dimension of pain too absurd for man to realize. And with joy in
My heart I can see your upcoming destiny

The force of black mind is much greater than you can ever realize

I'll have my time to wait, but you will know my hate. I will teach you the
Arts of pain and pleasure

You're just a coward behind your shell, you will rot in your own personal

Feel the heat of flames burn your flesh. Were the flames really there or
Only inside your head?

Feel the razor cutting your skin, can't you see it's your own hand that
Moves the blade

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