Paroles de la chanson Graveyard par Scarlxrd

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Paroles de la chanson Graveyard par Scarlxrd

Uh yeah

I had to kick down every door
And eradicate things in my way (uh)
I seen em talking their way out of the law
But they won't say that shit to my face (damn)
Feelin' [?]
I treat my life like its' a movie (damn damn)
[?] attack, I'm pretentious
Curving groupies (yuh)
I can't waste my time
Being fucking indecisive (yeah)
Battles in my mind
But yeah l like to keep 'em silent (damn)
(Uh) you had me misunderstood
(Uh) it was so hard to contain (yeah)
I killed myself off the plug (uh)
Keep the lighter my brain [?] (yuh)
Late night back on the grind like
'What should I write?'
I'm mixing vodka tonight
So what? I dont care if I die
Thats so dead but so are thoughts of my life
I hate when i get like this
Acting like I'm killing my shit
I sparred with the devil and he hits like a bitch
I'm a young rebel set fires on bridges
Too late don't try bump my fist thats two faced
I'll slap both of them quick
[?] I'm a psychopath when I drink
My shoelace tied when I cresent kick that
I see lives I hide from most times
Wrist not ice 'cause you're not that guy
Don't try me today I got archives
I don't care about you or your life
I'm not from here, Yung Lxrd's outside
This implies that no-one's likewise
Bang your head clockwise with sprite
I drowned in hype like I got baptised
Twice no franchise, hide inside
But my sounds worldwide
Yeah, that sounds right
Young nigga had it all and didn't realise
Now I know it and I even civilised

Y-Y-Yung Scar why you going so hard? (ay)
How you droppin' bangers from your yard? (ay)
I'm a lil savage you know that he 21
His flow back No Heart no [?]
Fuck bro Maz bro harder than most man
I'm so cold I feel like a snowman (brrr)
Fuck out my way
I work in the night and I dream in the day
Keeping my eyes closed I'm never awake
Switching my look like i'm playing away, (damn yuh)
This when I'm dead
Used to that now i do this instead
Your [?] now I'm speeding ahead
Feeling my vibe? (yuh yuh)

Watch me do my dance
I'm so done with it
(yah) Yung Scarlxrd
I'm on my throne shit (yah)
I drop tracks and never wait (uh)
Film the vids inside my place (yuh)
Keep this smile upon my face (uh)
'Cause bad cat wanna date (yah)

Numbers got deleted now I'm focused
I can't have you blowing up my phone (damn damn)
Aye, always talking shit like I'm gon' notice that
Aye, I don't ever conversate with [?] (yah yah)
Aye, I hope you drown, I'm sick of rowing (aye)
Yuh, killing shit to tell you my condolence (damn)
Eh, they all wanna ask me how im coping (yuh)
Aye, I'm living in the future not the moment (yah) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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