Paroles de la chanson EGX DEATH! par Scarlxrd

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Paroles de la chanson EGX DEATH! par Scarlxrd

Hey, yeah

I gotta grow, nurture my goals
Fuck a Forbes list, I'm a list on my own
Repeat the flow, sorry I know
I lost my memory drinking alone
Nigga, I'm pro, I know the road
I fucking paved it, I reap what I sew
Think of the dough, I bought a home
I'll buy another one bigger than most
Working so hard in the night
That it's damaging
I'm addicted to the hustle and challenges
Putting in work, I do hours of practicing
I don't ever trust the chances of gambling
Close both my eyes and i really get balancing really one day
I'ma sell out the Madison Grip on your seatbelt
And make sure it's fastens in we bout to go to the places they haven't been
I'ma get this, I'ma get that, I don't talk shit, only speak facts
Always wanna win, never relax
Narrow abyss, all them mad
Aren't we all (Ah), hunted down
We can't take that, we're not trash!
Praise the weak, social fads
Get these leeches off my back!
Know the code, been working, now they don't
Go ahead and slow your roll, you're fake, you fucking troll
Face tats don't make you bro
Headlines won't save you bro, unless you got bars and flow
Which we both know you don't!

Heh, yeah, love these intros
Just keep it moving, keep it moving, yeah!

Hold back, never hating
Fuck an image, I'm too sick
No mask, growing steady
Only roll authentic shit
Drop tracks, leave em messy
Mister Coordinator shit
Go back, independent
Dropping trash don't make you sick (Kyuh)
I don't got nothing to prove, uh
Nigga, I'm praised, too fluent, uh
These are the waves I'm moving, uh
Never gonna hate, they're clueless, uh
This is my stage I'm ruling, uh
Down my booze and fill my cup
Living my life like it's still sinking
Leaving my life, it's not enough
Really been working so hard
I've been losing my mind, I'm gone off this shit
Really bout thinkin' it's over, I'm dropping my bar
I'm so fire with my way
I've never had to part in it, I've never been sloppy
I pocket all the pain
Change the amount when I want it
Controlling the fire,I don't care 'bout the hate
Oh, Scar, he is evil? So are you
Reading comments while I'm dreaming
Why that talk and you resist?
Let' em hunt all they want, all my life I'll never fear
I'm a prophet and a pagan, I'll have a stable life for years
T-ta-talk you pussy, uh
Watch when I take over the stadiums, uh
They cannot see in my cranium, uh
Bout to take over the planet, erupt
All of my sounds have been critical, uh
Never change up that's minimal, uh
Sound ??? I don't ever get stuck
Leave all the bullshit, I don't give a fuck!
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