Paroles de la chanson Dual Wield par Scarlxrd

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Paroles de la chanson Dual Wield par Scarlxrd

All comes to you, all comes to you flooding, flooding, flooding, flooding in like, realization is the key and shit
And then, I feel like I realized too much

Try not to listen to news
Headlines still fuck with my head
Moderate all the abuse
Not shit in my life I regret
They tried to step in my shoes
My shit is as tough as it gets
Pull up the hate by the root
They threw in my soul instead, ah
I kept my focus on get far
You'd thought I look like a red dot
They tried to sleep then I went hard
Silence is bleak to a dead heart
Emotions in check so I rest off
This is the sound that I'm best on
It wasn't enough so I went large
They calling my bluff so I went far

See I know I'm fucking right, man
I know I'm right, In my fucking heart I know I'm right, man
Fucking energy over substance every time man
Ahem (Ayy, ayy)

All air I'm faded
Life's got me wasted
Don't need no substance
Too high on payments
Broke boys try talk shit
My style upgraded
You're not even popping on Instagram
I'm real world famous
On God, I hate it
My life just changed quick
Restart my program
Software updated
I worked then made it
I'll work then make six
I know the future
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