Paroles de la chanson Navy Seals par Real Boston Richey

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Paroles de la chanson Navy Seals par Real Boston Richey

Um, got me on some crazy shit all the time
I want You done got a lot of shit (Ayy, 40, what that do?)
Mhm, uh-uh

[Real Boston Richey]
Big ol' trapper like navy seals (Uh-uh)
Don't take them shit, don't press no pills (Uh)
Take them hoes from when they here
I got to move every last pack in here
Business first, I got to pay some bills
[Real Boston Richey]
Uh, they hit the trap, you better not squeal
I respect my ??? 'bout that money, I got to serve my peers
Watch how I swerve when I'm in traffic whenever I got my steel
Them crackers bogus, who the fuck they game ??? nine years?
But, that's just how it
Trappin' and rappin' and run up Ms
My mama told me to guard yo' eyes and guard yo' fuckin' ears
So what that mean lil' nigga? You got to watch out for what you hear
These niggas'll tell you some bullshit and tell you it's real spill

[Kodak Black]
Nigga, that's real deal
Uh, this how we live, I know Whoopty Whoop done smacked a nigga
He got real kids
Whoopty Whoop shot What's His Name, nigga they on real deals
I lost that cheese up on that plane, nigga, I shed real tears
I'm tryna get back still

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