Paroles de la chanson I Admit It (I Did It), Pt. 1 par R. Kelly

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Paroles de la chanson I Admit It (I Did It), Pt. 1 par R. Kelly

(Noc, Noc, Noc, Noc)

I admit I done made some mistakes (Mistakes)
And I have some imperfect ways (I have some imperfect ways)
I admit I helped so many people (I helped so many)
And the same damn people turned fake (Same damn people turned)
I admit it was so hard to focus (Focus)
I didn't go to classes
I admit that I dropped out of school (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I admit that I wasn't that cool (I wasn't)
I admit I just feel like retiring (I, yeah)
Admit I just don't feel like trying (I, yeah)
But all my real niggas 'round me keep tellin' me (Yeah)
"Kells, fuck that, you gotta keep climbin'" (Climbin')
I admit it, I admit it I did (Yeah)
I done fucked with a couple of fans (Fans)
I admit I'm a gift and a curse (Gift and a curse)
I admit that I don't go to church (No, no)

I admit it, admit it (I)
I admit it, I did it (I)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did did it

I admit I got so many flaws (Yeah)
Told so many lies to these broads (Too many lies)
Blew so much money, pop so many bottles
Yeah I fucked a bitch just because (Bitch, just because)
Nigga, I had a hell of a day (Hell of a day)
But I admit I was in my own way (In my own way)
I admit I had my mama cryin' over me
What else can a nigga say (Uh)
I admit I can't spell for shit (Ohh)
I admit that all I hear is hits (Ohh)
I admit I couldn't read the teleprompter (Ohh)
When the Grammy's asked me to present (Yeah)
I admit I love God but wait
It's so much temptation but, wait
Admit to the drinking and smoking too much
But it helped me get through the day (Oh, day)
Won't say no names, I'm not a snitch
But one night at the Ritz (At the Ritz)
I did some shit I shouldn't have did (Shouldn't have done)
Went and fucked my nigga's bitch
I admit, I admit that I did (I did it)
I fucked my girlfriend's best friend (Oh)
Yeah I tapped that in back of my Benz (My Benz)
I admit I'm sorry for my sins (My sins)

I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did it (I did it, yeah)
I admit it, I did (I)
I admit it, I did did it

Yeah, I admit I trust people too much
(I trust too much, too much, too much)
I admit I can't say such and such
But my lawyers told me to settle this (Settle this)
Even though it's bullshit (It's bullshit)
"Kelly, protect your career"
All these people in my ear
I admit I been tempted by drugs (I)
I admit that I just need a hug (I)
I admit the devil talk to me sometimes (Yeah)
But the devil's not who I trust (Not who I trust)
I been fucked by so many damn managers (Managers)
While they push me out front of these cameras (Cameras)
All this music I have done gave to them
And now they play me like a fuckin' amateur
I got a life, yeah, I got a right, yeah
Cancel my shows (Shows), that shit ain't right (No)
How they gon' say I don't respect these women
When all I've done is represent? (30 years)
Take my career and turn it upside down
'Cause you mad I've got some girlfriends (Girlfriends)
Hell with this record deal (Yeah, yeah)
It ain't worth this shit for real (That's real)
Ain't seen my kids in years (In years)
They tryna lock me up like Bill (Like Bill)
How much can a nigga take? (Take)
How much can a nigga pray? (Pray)
Just wanna do my music, stop stressin' me (Hell yeah)
Please just let me age gracefully (Yeah, yeah)

I admit it, admit it (I admit it, oh, oh)
I admit it, I did it (I admit it)
I admit it, I did (I admit it, I did it)
I admit it, I did, did it

Yeah, they took my gift and they blind me (Blind me)
Where the fuck is my money? (Where?)
Now here comes this big ass conspiracy (Uh)
But still got my fans, that's a blessing (Yeah)
Listen to heaven, just stay on my grind, and that's 24/7 (Yeah)
And I know my mama Joanne is smiling down on me
I put that on every (Ohh)
Been a grown man since age 11 (11)
Mind on the guap since seven (Seven)
Rest in peace to my homie Kevin

I admit it, admit it (I admit it)
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