Paroles de la chanson I Get Wrecked par The Prodigy

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Paroles de la chanson I Get Wrecked par The Prodigy

(Section 2 at 4:52)

I got more rhymes than Madonna gets dicked!

That?s right boys, you are now jammin? to the sounds of the Boogie Down!
Hit ?em like this, hoooooooo

Yeah, yeah, yeah, can I get a yes (yes)
Can I get a motherfuckin? yes (yes)
Do I get wreck and get respect (yes)
Lyrically I can get wreck (yes), okay
Well can I get a ho (ho)
Can I get motherfuckin? ho (ho)
Do I get wreck at any show (ho)
Lyrically I got the flow (ho), say here we go

Coming from the butcher shop
Fuck with KRS and the Dog and get chopped
Chopped, say stopped, hah think stopped
Stop listen to the hip-hop while others slip-slop
Till they hit the tip-top now it?s time to get props
Wack MC?s I just tax
I?ll eat tracks, shit it out with Ex-Lax
Bitch ass niggaz step aside
Tenderoni rappers, means your homicide
Toyin? non-believers, here?s the menace side
Genocide, come inside, you?re goin? on a murder ride

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