Paroles de la chanson You always you par Patrice

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Paroles de la chanson You always you par Patrice

1st verse:

this one is dedicated to the truth.
this is Babatunde the original conscious youth.
when I look into your eyes I can feel the sun come rise.
It seems like you give me the thing I was missing in my life,
the thing I gave up to search, 'cause I thought I'm not going to find.
but how could I find when there is no light in my night?
how could I find when there are just clouds and no sunshine?
you fill me up with joy, every moment's a surprise.

you set me free from Babylon, you make me leave this place for miles
you're no illusion, no, you are the truth.
never forget, It's you always you.


na, na, na.
na, na, na, na.
It's you, always you, my sweet dream.

2nd verse:

yes you are my earth and you make me give birth to
melodies and thoughts, enliven by your love.
yes, I'm a global villager, but you give me home.
wherever i may wander, wherever I may roam.

while I write this song the world around me disappears.
I dip into my thoughts and I speak this noiseless prayer.
lord of lords and king of kings, conquering lion, Jah jah,
Almighty One, who arts in mount Zion.
I beg You guide and protect the woman I call queen of queens
and dream of dreams, lioness, reflexion of patrice.
You are right; the world restricts the sense.
but i think, You know what i mean, I mean, what i really
mean, when I call you my sweet dream.

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