Paroles de la chanson Seasons par Patrice

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Paroles de la chanson Seasons par Patrice

[Chorus] :
Spring time
I wake up and Close my eyes
you gave me butterflies
as our love wason the rise
the season has reached its height
love making through the night
until the morning light.
I see colours fading out
the heat is cooling down
and leaves are falling to the ground.
As in winter
were out of what we had
we looking for excuses

but our love is simply dead

But it is cold so cold
and clouds burry us like snow.
We were so bold to hold
on to love like gold.
And it's so beautiful
when ever nature does her thing;
oh it's so beautiful
just like a queen and a king.
And the rain yes the rain
couldn't wash away my blame,
yes the rain ah the rain
couldn't wash away my blame


But life's a circle

and we are in it
some wait for miracles
we push the limits.
Through ups and downs,
hills and valleys
I have travelled
and I'm farfrom finished.
I keep it moving ,
keep it spinning,
see I wouldn't be me today
if it wasn't for the shit I've been in.
Can't be losing everwinning
don't get caught up in winter take it back to the beginning


the right road is rocky (raggy) and the hill is steep.

If you forget to fast and neglect the past will you find your

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