Paroles de la chanson Justified par Patrice

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Paroles de la chanson Justified par Patrice

One step away from falling of the edge
And you?re struggling and you?re trying
But I will have to let you die
You?re more dead to me
With every further word you speak
And I won?t tell you no lie
I won?t say it just so you feel better

No I won?t ease your soul
No I won?t make you feel justified
No I won?t ease your soul
Ni I won?t no I won?t no I won?t

One breath away from the last one that you?ll take
And I?ll make it worth your while

Oh I?ll let you go in style
See I don?t wanna change you
And you sure won?t change me
And I will sit here and just smile
I?m just not that type and you should know that


See I don?t know what to say
But you don?t know what you say
Although you?re talking to me
It seems like you be talking through me
Your voice seems far away
And I only see your lips moving
Like you?re in the tv
And I?m out here watching a movie
Damn where?s the botton to switch this off
Sh?s over doing it

She goes ?you know I mean?
I?m like ?no, I won?t approve it!?
Lord show her a sign or something
Don?t wanna hear about shopping
She?s just yapping without stopping
And don?t even see what?s happening
She don?t feel nothing
I would like to talk about different things like
The world we?re living in and who is really spinning it
But I guess the point is our worlds are too different
And I won?t smile like some hypocrite
Make you feel justified

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