Paroles de la chanson Jazzy Belle par Outkast

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Paroles de la chanson Jazzy Belle par Outkast

Verse One: Andre

Oh yes I love her like Egyptian, want a description, my royal highness
So many plusses when I bust that there can?t be no minus
Went from yellin crickets and crows, bitches and hoes to queen thangs
Over the years I been up on my toes and yes I seen thangs
like Kilroy, chill boi because them folks might think you soft
talkin like that, man fuck them niggaz I?m goin off
and comin right back, like boomerangs when you throw em

With these old ghetto poems, Bankhead is better for em
When they can let they thumb, down from hitchikin and bitin niggaz
until the temple they call the body, now everybody got it
Had it, talked about it amongst they friends
Comin around my crew lookin Jazzy, wanna pretend
like you Ms. Goodie, Four-Shoes, even Bo knew, that you got poked
like accupuncture patients while our nation is a boat
Straight sinkin, I hate thinkin that these the future mommas
of our chillun, they fuckin a different nigga every time
they get the feelin to, I?m willin to go the extra kilo-meter

just to see my senorita get her pillow
on the side of my bed where no girl ever stay
House and doctor was the games we used to play
but now it?s real Jazzy Belle...

Verse Two: Big Boi

See what if you was a playa real playa not no flaw
Havin the very best of life lots of steak and Perignon
Smokin an ounce of weed yeah every single day was personal FreakNik
Freakin these hoes in Polo clothes life as you conceived it
but your conception, deception, lookin into your eyes I see
you weapon and it?s depressin, they?re diggin up in your thighs

leavin deposits keep your closets open not your boots and drawers
Hopin to get you sprung like bail-bonds, steadily callin me Antwan
cause you thinkin that you my lady bitch don?t play me cause you?re chanky
I wanted to hit that ass but me and the Goodie we got danky
So thank thee, for runnin that Southerplayalistic game
You was the only one to blame, a nigga don?t even know yo? name
it?s a shame, you crackin em up and fuckin a nigga like Tupac up
I?m leavin these foes to be the flowers and wake don?t get me see
I gotta be feedin my daughter, teach her to be that Natural Woman

Cause you?ll be Waiting to Exhale while you other hoes be
Dumb and Dumber, yeah you know what I?m sayin?

Verse Three: Andre, Big Boi

One two, yessss, ummkay, check this out right here now
See me and ol girl, in the black on black ?Llac no star
Windows are tinted so that no one knows who us are
Talk bad about her nigga guaranteed to snap like bra
Strap stickin together like grandma and grandpa-pa
In this dog eat dog world, kitty cats be scratchin on my

furry coat to curl, up with me and my bowl of kibbles and bits
I want to earl, cause most of the girls that we was likin
in high school, now they dykein *laughin*

Havin no mercy for the disrespect-ful ones, some
be hangin around the crew lookin for funds, dumb
deaf and fine, they be, askin me all about mine
How she doin how she be, I know she?s sippin that wine
behind my back they skwak like vultures
Off and On like Trendz of Cultures baby
hey he, fakin it like these sculptured, nails
But they can go to hell and lay with Lucifer
Cause they burnin anyway, Big Boi user and abuser dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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